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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

what a wonderful day...

Been pretty sick all day so that's been fun! Not! Back to school again, was not nice to get up so early again- maybe thats what brought on the headache? Who knows.

It's just dawned on me today that my AS's are in less than 3 weeks time- i feel like i should really be worried about that, or at least be worried enough to start revising! I have two maths modules on the same morning to kick off exam season in style!

I think I verge between over-confident, and not confident enough. A good friend of mine commented on Saturday how I never say i'm good at something (maybe not confident enough?), but when it comes to exams I think i'm a little over-confident! Yes, I do well in them (usually), but I know if I just put in even a little more work I could easily come out with even better results. AS is so different to GCSE, really think I must go do some work...


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