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Friday, October 14, 2005

What is prayer?

I've been learning a lot about prayer... Lately my life has been a bit 'turbulent', I have been pretty up and down, and a lot has been happening both in me personally and in the people around me. There has been a lot of pain surrounding me - family members and friends both going through some tough times.

How do I pray for these guys? Intercession... feeling their pain... lets be honest, it hurts. We dont like to hurt - I dont like to hurt. But to pray for these guys, the guys I love, that I'm close to, that I spend my time with... praying effectively for them means hurting for them. Feeling their pain. It means I have to be vulnerable and open and allow God to work through me to move in their lives... I have to be willing to feel their pain.

And that's tough.


Blogger Kathryn said...

that is tough, hon. prayer is not the timid of heart. . it requires that we be willing to be overwhelmed, that we be open and that our hearts not be cluttered with junk. . but that we have enough room for God and enough room to encounter people as God would have us do. .

5:00 am

Blogger emmsy said...

'to be overwhelmed'... i like that...

10:17 pm


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