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Thursday, December 22, 2005

It's nearly Christmas!!

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Blogger Tiffany said...

I love your posts! You have a strong fire! Dont loose that it awesome to see! God bless you! Merry Christmas!

7:05 am

Blogger Lindsay said...

Is that a real tree or fake? Ours is real, and kind of holey and flat on one side, so we turned the flat side toward the wall and once we loaded it up with multi-coloured lights, sparkly garlands and other shiny things, it doesn't look quite so bad!

3:31 pm

Blogger emmsy said...

its a fake tree... mum doesnt like real trees because they make a mess. oh well, i still thought it looked nice!

12:13 pm

Blogger Kathryn said...

what a beautiful tree!!! i had a real one *like we do every year. . * they ARE messy. . but smell good!! love the picture. . like i wouldn't love every picture ever taken by you!!

4:41 pm

Blogger emmsy said...

haha! just noticed your comment there kathryn!! thanks! i'll send u some nice pictures some day...

8:02 pm


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