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Friday, February 17, 2006

Class of 2006

Tomorrow night is my school formal (prom, whatever you want to call it). First off, I am not going. I've got no interest in it, never really was a big one for dressing up and all that.

I dont get it though - whats the point in spending a small fortune on one night, if you're going to get so drunk you wont remember any of it? I mean, the ticket costs £30 each to start with... then you've got a dress, I know a girl who bought a dress at £250! Then theres the handbag, the jewellery, the limo, the drinks, the taxi home.... Blah Blah Blah. Why would you spend so much on one evening, if you wont remember it?

Oh well. Here's hoping (no, praying) that everyone who does go, will have a fantastic evening, that everyone will remain safe, and that above all, God will be glorified. It's funny, a friend prayed that today, and it got me thinking... How can God be glorified in the formal? I'm still working that one out... and please dont take that as me saying He cant, becuase i FULLY believe He can, I'm just not sure what it looks like right now.

So, God, be glorified in the formal.


Blogger Kathryn said...

i never went to mine either!!! wasn't really close to very many ppl in school. . always felt older than they were. i didn't drink, didn't have a lot of $$ to buy a dress, etc. my then fiancee, now husband, only knew a few ppl i went to school with - cuz he and i lived in different cities. . so, yeah, i never bothered to go! Went to the grad ceremony, but never the formal.

4:16 am

Blogger Adam said...

Hey Emma, believe it or not in a small way God can be glorified. I'll admit our formal wasn't great, mainly because of a lot of drunkeness but there were enough Christians there to let people see our attitude to a night out. The formal really isn't as bad as you'd think! The craic after it is usually a lot better depending on where you go.

6:17 pm

Blogger emmsy said...

Aye i can imagine! I fully believe that God can be glorified in it, hope the post didnt come across as if I don't, i just meant I cant see it at the minute, but i believe it can. I just had no interest in going!

6:20 pm

Blogger Lindsay said...

I didn't go to my prom, either. I wasn't really a school function kind of person, and I just couldn't see myself dressing up in a floor-length pink ball gown with little sprigs of baby's breath sticking out of my hair..not really my thing! Semi-formal is about as dressy as I get. Besides, the whole thing is much, much too expensive.

4:26 am

Anonymous Laura Houston said...

Hey ems,
I actually believe we managed it in a strange sort of a way. I think the very fact that even with so much alcohol avaliable very few were worse for wear, the prizes had the potential to be so mean and yet no one was offended. Also, when everyone came to mine aftewards, 4 ppl went to church on the sunday mrning even though we had not slept a wink thus witnessing the power of their faith to the diverse group of people around us. I believe God was glorified at the Academy formal this year! xxoo

7:31 pm


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