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Monday, May 09, 2005

The future...

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So yea, exams are coming up on me fast, and the careers teachers are hounding me for draft UCAS forms and making choices about university and the rest of my life! So heres my thoughts on it...

"What happens if you're not sure where you're going, only who you're going with and how?
What happens if you're in it for the ride rather that the results?
What happens if friendship is more important than function?"

It's all about the ride guys.


Blogger supersimbo said...

i like that idea emma! i sincerley hope my lax and somewhat wacky attitude on saturday night at work didnt put this in your head though!!

10:30 pm

Blogger emmsy said...

nah its kina been there a while ally!

5:32 pm

Blogger Kathryn said...

lax and somewhat whacky. . . ha ha!!!

Emma, you're asking big, philosophical questions here, girl!!!

i think do your best with where you're at now. . you don't have to be sure. . .just have some good ideas! Go with your gut. . and your strengths and talents as far as uni goes.. apply, apply, apply to the schools and apply like crazy for bursaries, scholarships. God will guide you!

my youngest just finished her first year in uni. she THOUGHT that she knew exactly where she was going and was going to room with her best friend. . . that never happened! The place she least thought of going to, is the place she ended up and she LOVED her first year! it was all backwards and upside down for a while, but she could see God's guidance in all of this. It was amazing. Once she said to God "Okay, what I thought was sure isn't working out, I trust you." Things literally just fell into place, it was unbelievable.We all knew that God's hand was at work.

future!!! go for it!

9:35 pm

Blogger Amber said...

Hi you dont know me but i figured id pop in a comment because i was surfing in 10th grade in (United States, Virginia) Buckingham High School and i think i need to get more serious about my "school life" (I am a good student... A's and B's) but i think i know where i want to go but i mostly wanna hang with friends...and get off work! Sorry if i dont make sense haha okay bye...Amber

9:44 pm


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