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Thursday, May 12, 2005


Well yesterday I took the day off school and went to Balmoral Show - great fun! Watched a (very small) bit of the cattle judging with dad, good for a bit of bonding you know, and just generally pottered about. The afternoon was very nice indeed, took a trip into Belfast for a bit of shopping and stuff.
I found this great wee cafe-type place, called Flour, which makes crepes with all sorts of toppings. For example, I had a savoury crepe with bacon and maple syrup- sounds weird I know, but it was sooo good!! They had lots of other random toppings on the menu, like 'sweet and sour chicken with cheese', 'belgian chocolate with mini marshmallows', and 'ham cheese and pinapple.' Loving it!

Hmm so yes, now I wish I was back in Flour...


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