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Friday, August 19, 2005


Holland was amazing! I'm still kinda taking it all in, reflecting on it and working out what it really meant to me. There are so many bikes everywhere, like seriously!! I know I expected it to be flat and there to be lots of bikes, but I guess the full extent didn't really hit me till we got there... this is the view from Leiden train station, where we had to change trains to get to Delft.

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Man, I miss Delft. I had got used to cycling my wee bike around - one gear, peddle backwards to brake - and kinda gotten to know my way around too. The church gave us bikes to get around on while we were there, and i'd guess we cycled about 5 miles a day on average. We had gotten so used to cycling into the centre to have pancakes or whatever... the picture below shows the cathedral in Delft, it was so beautiful. We climbed up to the top one day and took a whole pile of pictures, I'm hoping to put together a panoramic one when I get the time.

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Blogger Kathryn said...

Holland is wonderful!!! I went several years ago with a touring choir. . we had the best time. It was beautiful but FLAT. . and the bikes, the sheer numbers of them IS amazing.

Glad that you had a good time!

9:04 pm


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