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Monday, September 19, 2005

Making your mark...

I was away on a "pupil leadership training weekend" organised by SU the weekend past there (as in I came home yesterday!). It was fantastic! There were about 55-60 people there from 14 different schools around N.Ireland, and we just came together to talk and share ideas about our CU's and connect with each other.
On Sunday morning during our last session, a guy called Mark said something during an 'open mic' time that I will never forget. He was talking about his specific situation in school...

"We have 5 people on our SU committee - thats nearly half the 12 disciples, and if they touched the whole world and we are only trying to reach one school - I think we can handle it!"

In Academy, we have 10 people on committee and 2-4 teachers involved at different stages... thats more than the 12 disciples... and we are only trying to reach one school... BRING IT ON!


Blogger supersimbo said...

how the weekend go?

10:24 am

Blogger emmsy said...

it was great thanks bud... hope u got staff to cover saturday ok!

think one of the things that blew me away most was simply breakfast on saturday morning... i was sitting with mark and two other girls, all of us from different schools, and we talked about our CUs (what works, what doesnt, problems etc) - over breakfast! that just doesnt happen anywhere else.

incredible. made many new friends, meet many awesome Godly guys and girls.

6:35 pm


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