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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Argh... back to school. That sucks. Its kinda scary now... I'm actually leaving school THIS YEAR. Going to uni or whatever. Flip. Got an exam next week that I should be revising for now, but clearly, I'm procrastinating.

We got talking in economics class today about Christmas and presents and stuff, heres an , hmm whats the right verb?... interesting, no... worrying... statistic.

In the UK the average amount spent on Christmas presents per person is £250.
Thats roughly $500.

There are more than 2 BILLION people who live on less than $1 a day (i.e. $365 a year).

Do you get that? There are more than 2 billion people (roughly 2000 times the population of Northern Ireland) who have less money to live on in a year, than is spent on us in one Christmas. That really shocked me. How can I live like that? How can I not make sacrifices in the face of such overwhelming poverty? I think I can maybe do without that new camera, or that new phone, or that new computer screen i wanted...

2 billion people... $1 a day


Blogger Kathryn said...

Emma, that is shocking. . I feel very strange when i read those stats. . we've been living 'off the bone' for a week and a half now, until tomorrow - payday! (Christmas really depletes the bank account!) and as little as we have in the bank and in the cupboards. . we still have so much more than the ppl counted in those stats. I said to Rob last night, as we fixed supper from the few things we had in the freezer and fridge. . "We don't have much right now, but look. . we put together a delicious dinner with meat and 2 vegetables and even a chocolatey pudding cake from things in the pantry! This is a situation ppl in parts of the world would LOVE to be in! Our 'poverty' is their plenty. ." To which he shamefully agreed. I'm thinking about that every day.

5:55 pm

Blogger emmsy said...

our poverty is their plenty... i really like that phrase, thanks.

yea i guess i've been thinking about it lately as well, like my bank account has about 5 pounds in it at the minute, and yet i still have everything i need, and so much more besides.

God really taught me a lot about generosity this summer especially, and about giving generously even when i dont always have a lot. Im learning that God always always always provides what i need.

7:29 pm

Blogger Kathryn said...

you're so right, hon. . God always provides what we need. . whether its 'things' or 'non things'. . He's so generous. . I want to be more like him.

1:50 am

Blogger Lindsay said...

The Bank of Montreal did a poll on how much the average Canadian spends at Christmas on gifts, decorations, food, etc. and the number they came up with was about $900 per person. Can you believe that? It's just disgusting, really. We spent about $350 this year, and that was enough to break us for the month of January, as it does every year. We're slowly climbing out of the hole, though, and it really helps that all three adults in the house are working this year.

4:27 pm


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