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Friday, January 06, 2006

These lonely dreams...

Look at yesterdays post, 'yes'. Funny how your feelings change so quickly.

Over the last few days, I've really felt an awful lot more, the cost of my dreams. Remember when I shared the vision God gave my Exodus team of Generation 24, a generation seeking after Gods' face? Thats the vision. Translating it into school... seeing a school come alive to the glory of God. That's the dream.

But man, is it costly. Been hard watching friends fall away from God, not really want Him so much anymore. Been hard trying to lead CU with the integrity and vision God longs to see. Its been hard not having the kinda of accountability I'd like to have.

These dreams cost everything.

Are they worth it? YES! I still want to see my dreams realised. I long to see Jesus enthroned in my life, in CU, in the whole school, in the community... worldwide.

Yes, these dreams cost. But this is what I was born for... I'm ready.


Blogger Kathryn said...

what a beautiful dream hon. I bought this little sparkly Christmas decoration just this afternoon. . my favourite store was having a clearance - the ornament spells the word "dream". . its beautiful. I'm going to keep it out all year, cuz its white and it reminds me to dream. I bought another one - they're so cheap (only 2 dollars each). . and it said "Simplify". . which i found I kept staring at it, thinking of ways in which i can live more simply so that i can stay focused on God and not on things.

As for your desire for accountability. . i know what that desire is. . because I have the same one. . and i have even asked friends to be my accountability partner, and they didn't want to be. So, I understand just how vital it is, and how much people don't always want to deeper things, the deeper spiritual life. I'll pray that you find someone, Emma. You need someone close by you that you can meet with for prayer and encouragement in your dreams and your walk with God.

Do you know the song by Noel Richards? "When we Turn Our Hearts to Heaven"? it talks of being "dreamers of your dreams" This post makes me think of that song - its so lovely. You have such a heart for God, don't stop dreaming, God gives you these dreams because he wants them to become real and he wants to use you to do it.

11:39 pm

Blogger emmsy said...

I havent heard that song before, but I'm gonna go look it up now. Its so easy to lose sight of your dreams. Somewhere in the midst of the craziness of life, between school, exams, CU, work, family... somewhere in there, its easy to lose track of those dreams. So easy to let them slip away... responsibilities come along, jobs need done, exams revised for... somewhere in there, its so easy to miss the point, why we do these things... GOD.

I AM. I once heard this attribute of God described in an unsuall way, I loved it... they said, I AM... and then listed a whole pile of stuff... like, I AM grace, I AM love, I AM all you'll ever need... and on the list went.

Somewhere, in between waking up and faling asleep again, we lose track of our dreams so easily.

11:49 pm

Blogger Kathryn said...

yes, we do lose track of them too easily. .

that attribute list sounds beautiful.

5:53 am


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